The Dinnington and Anston Personality of the Year 2013 is…. Dominic Beck!

It’s at times like this you like to sit back and reflect on the year that was and remember the people who have shaped our lives over the last 12 months.

This has been our very first at and we would like to thank the man who first inspired us to put digital pen to paper and start blogging about local events, Dominic Beck.

As leader (at the time) of Anston Parish Dominic was having a wee bit of trouble one meeting with a gobby pensioner who after refusing to be fobbed off stood up and gobbed off despite many warning from Dom that the Police would be called.

Dom went ahead and called the Police on said pensioner and instead of doing the dignified thing (closing the meeting and leaving) he actually had the whole Council sit there for an hour or so waiting for the Police to turn up.

That takes dedication, so we hereby award the first Dinnington and Anston Personality of the Year Award (2013) to Dominic in recognition of his services against pensioners.

Well done Dom, puts Barron’s knighthood into perspective in my opinion.

Roll on 2014, the local elections and more intrigue. A very happy new year to all.

1 thought on “The Dinnington and Anston Personality of the Year 2013 is…. Dominic Beck!

  1. S Thornton

    Well done Dominic, could not have gone to a better person. His “achievements” with his work with Pensioners should not go unnoticed. This is not the first time he has done sterling work with the Pensioners of our Parish, last time he “picked” on a female Pensioner in the car park of the Parish Hall, and made sarcastic remarks about her “collecting her fuel payments”
    Good to see he gets the recognition he deserves


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