Have I Got News for You!

A quick round up of local issues covered in the ‘Tiser this week!

First up the opinion leader gives Anston Parish Council yet another spanking, they must have a super sore ass by now!


and second we have the controversy surrounding the Parish Council’s land purchase, apparently the chairman doesn’t know whether the land he just spent 250k on is greenbelt or not? Take it he wasn’t head hunted from NASA then?


Thirdly we have the continuing saga of the standard of behaviour at the Parish, mostly councillors at fault but probably the public letting go as well when frustration sets in. It’s reached the point where even RMBC don’t know what to do with them, although that didn’t stop them from asking for cash to fund the investigation!


And lastly an RMBC cabinet member came to Dinnington Town Council this month to tell us about the plans for the nursing homes in our area. He was met with much scepticism, especially when he insisted that no one was made redundant against their wishes. Dave Smith and others clashed with this viewpoint, saying the move from part time to full time posts means many were laid off by default.


That’s about it for now, let’s hope the many words don’t fall on deaf ears!

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