Anston Parish Council get a SPANKING!

Six of the best, trousers down.

Officers from the borough council’s standards board have delivered their damning findings.

Some of the highlights;

Dominic Beck was NOT present.

All Councillors have had a serious talking to and will be given training and guidance on how to conduct themselves.

Many Cllrs agree “they are crap” at dealing with the public.

Another meeting to be held on this in Dec or Jan.

Public asked to stop sending “trivial” complaints until the backlog is cleared, “trivial” meaning a Cllr was merely rude.

Cllrs agree to show more respect.

Chief Exec Martin Kimber has got involved and told officers to “sort it”

Chairman Ireland apologises for past actions.

In other news:

Judy Dalton takes over management of skate park after knifing Thornton in the back.

Cllr Jepson slams some Cllrs attendance record.

Saint John talks nonsense. (Not news really)

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