Dinnington Miners Welfare

A favourite of mine for a bike trip, Dinno Miners Welfare and Rec Ground is owned by CISWO, in fact this is a bone of contention for many people who feel that CISWO hoovered up the Rec Ground along with other assets when the coal industry collapsed.

Now word on the pit top is that CISWO are planning to develop houses on the land, will any of the money made be put back into Dinnington I wonder? The Friends group setup to run the Welfare have now been locked out by CISWO who declined the opportunity to renew their lease,

2013-10-20 14.00.30

Here’s a photo of the place in happier times and a past newspaper story which gives a flavour of the controversy.

2013-10-20 13.54.25

1 thought on “Dinnington Miners Welfare

  1. fiona

    There is a law that says miners welfares belong to the miners. The institutes were not covered in 1952 act. Any proceeds from the sale of the land legally should go to the miners and their descendants. CISWO seem to be manipulating the law and using it for thier gain and not following the 1952 act.
    I can find the act covering the welfares institutes but I did see it on the government website


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