Another Salvo from Corporal Burton!

Here I sit composing my reply to Jo Burton’s latest letter and she lets rip again, this time into local Anston resident Colin Tawn who dared to criticise her in a previous issue of the Advertiser.

I’ll have to start re-working my reply now as will Mr Tawn I’m sure who probably isn’t going to be pacified by Jo’s latest attempt at serious political commentary.

Now she’s telling us that we can trust RMBC to look after our countryside. Makes a change from telling people that affordable housing is to be sprinkled down from heaven as if by magic!

She also lays into Stewart Thornton who she labels as “rude to the public”

What a joke, if you were censured at APC for being rude to the public there would be nowt but tumble weed blowing round the table. How about when Dominic Beck called the Police to chuck out a disabled pensioner, Jo? What were you doing then? He didn’t get censured did he?

Jo, how about my challenge to you in the local paper to hold a full public debate on all these issues? Any chance before the elections in May?

Asking Jo what’s good for Anston is like asking Baldrick from Blackadder to run the Apollo program. “Anston we have a problem!”

Too freaking right we do!

Please form an orderly queue behind the abort button marked “ballot box”


4 thoughts on “Another Salvo from Corporal Burton!

  1. Hilary Estrada-Haigh

    Rude – The majority of Anston Parish Councillors have written the manual on rudeness – What about Iain St,John’s EXTREME rudeness and abusive behaviour towards a respected senior citizen of our parish – Robin Stonebridge’s rude remarks towards the public i.e. anoraks, sad people with nothing better to do. Dominick Beck is offensive in manner, insolent and verbally abusive. What about those who sit there and say nothing – they are culpable in their reticence to go against the Labour Party – Stuart Thornton rude to the public – never and surely that is libellous.

    With all the complaints that have gone into RMBC about the disgraceful behaviour that occurs at Anston Parish Council, what has Mrs Jacqueline Collins, Monitoring Officer done – Ah yes she intends to treat this holistically – Do me a favour!

  2. Valerie Sheldon-Ennis

    Maybe Jo Burton thinks this will deflect the public’s attention away from the fact that she was Vice Chair and then a member of the Committe for Safeguarding Vulnerable Children when Child Sexual Exploitation was taking place. Jo Burton said she knew nothing about it – Well failing in your duty yet again Jo Burton. What an admission – You should stand down from all council posts with immediate effect. That is if you have any standards at all.

    Valerie Sheldon Ennis

  3. S Thornton

    Just to put the record straight, It was me that Cllr Burton was writing of in her letter. I was “censured” by Cllr Beck for “calling him a liar”, “disturbing meetings” and for being “rude to the Public”. He censured me at a Council Meeting, but supplied no evidence what so ever. His action was followed immediately by Cllrs Stonebridge moving a motion to remove me from all Committees, this the Labour Party endorsed so enthusiastically they nearly broke their arms in the rush to raise them so fast. In effect they have made up false allegations to gag me from speaking at any Committee meeting for a whole year. The situation is very simple, “we don’t like you criticising what we do so, we will use bullying to sort you out. Rest assured moves are afoot to reverse this situation, and I intend to carry on representing those who voted for me.
    As for Cllr Burton, she received an email from me asking for the detailed evidence to back up her statements, she has seven days to do so or make a full apology, failing both I will forward her comments on to my Solicitor. These persons were warned earlier in the year to stop making false statements about me in Public, she clearly thought that the letter did not apply to her. I await her reply (I think she has four days left).

  4. S Thornton

    Just a little bit more on this issue, when I made a complaint to the RMBC Monitoring Officer over Cllr Beck, in that he used the RMBC Code of Conduct to censure me, (for which he has no authority to do so) Mrs Collins stated that my complaint was “Politically motivated” and “Tit for Tat”. So what was Cllr Becks censure motion, Labour proposal, Labour vote and Labour conspiracy. You could not make it up.


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