“Burton Goes Forth” a new production from Anston Parish Hall

BaldrickThis far fetched and wallet emptying production starring Councillor Jo Burton as Baldrick centres around a “cunning plan” to get re-elected in Anston and Woodsetts next year.

The basic plot is:

1. Tell people that the new houses in Dinnington and Anston will be affordable and help the local housing crisis.

2. That the X5 bus is the best thing since sliced bread, it´s not crap and slow, honest. Crawling slowly towards Sheffield at 7am is great.

3. Accuse anyone who disagrees of “shouting loudly” and belonging to greenbelt groups when they never have (still don’t understand that one)

4. Walk up and down Rackford Road reciting the above.

5. Collect fifty grand in allowances.

6. All whilst hoping no one finds out you were on a committee supposed to be scrutinising child protection in Rotherham 5 years ago. DOH!

Special guest star Iain Saint-John as mad General Melchett.

A preliminary copy of the script is posted below!


2 thoughts on ““Burton Goes Forth” a new production from Anston Parish Hall

  1. Tim Anston

    If the Independents in Anston are going to have any serious effect, they need to get around the table and do a brain storming session and come up with their plan for Anston over the next 20 years. They then need to choose a suitable candidate who lives in Anston to represent them at the ward level. I always warned people about Darren Hughes and would have the same concerns if a UKIP counsellor from Woodsettes or another career politician jumped on the band wagon. I see no point unless independents are going to address these issues.

  2. Colin Tawn

    You’ve missed the point of the post Tim.
    This is about Jo Burton and her ludicrous claims and statements.
    “Not me Guv, it was the Big Boys. I wasn’t there.”


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