Power to the people!

Fracking is bound to become of interest to local residents as licenses are granted locally!

Rotherham Politics

News from Neil, of a new expression of people power!

“Don’t whether you know or not but there is an anti-fracking campaign group now emerging, it is basing itself in Maltby but trying to incorporate other areas of the borough like Thurcroft, Firbeck, Dinnington amongst others.

The group are having regular meetings and public events, it is really worth coming along.

Their website is http://www.frackfreesouthyorkshire.co.uk/. On the website there are the details of the meetings, contact details, general information, copies of the flyers and the petitions.”

Neil Adshead

Thanks for the ‘heads up’ on this interesting development. I am sure readers will be interested too.

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2 thoughts on “Power to the people!

  1. Tim Wells

    I don’t know which side of the fence I stand on this, but I guess there has been a lot of scare mongering by the anti’s on this. Surely it is going to be a lot less harmful that deep coal mining and has been used for many years in the country to extract oil in small amounts.

    1. lovedinnington Post author

      Yes I’m not for or against but would like to see a grown up debate with facts, at the moment we have the pros and antis and no one in between. Central govt should be providing us with facts, not rushing in heedless.


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