Plans Revealed for Birkdale Avenue Playing Field

The developer Taylor Wimpey has revealed it’s plans to develop the Rotherham Council owned playing field at the end of Birkdale Avenue.


To summarise they plan to build a load of houses over it and replace it with a much smaller open space a long way from where local children play currently.

This is where the plot lies:


Having been previously told by the developer that they had no interest in the playing field I am not happy, I am also less than thrilled with Rotherham Council who seem to be willing to see what little recreational land we have left built on.

Well last week I handed in 150 evidence forms claiming the footpaths that people currently use on that land, so I hope the owners of the new houses will be OK with me walking through their back gardens and riding my bike through their dining room.

Full PDF plans are available here and here.

6 thoughts on “Plans Revealed for Birkdale Avenue Playing Field

  1. Stuart Thornton

    How very strange, we increase the number of houses in Dinnington and then reduce the play areas for the children. I would say that this is a very good reason to file an objection. Common sense says that the area for recreation should increase, and the “new” recreation land should be the same quality or better. I would ask all those affected to contact their local Labour Councillor, Cllr Falvey, to see what her thoughts are on this, I am sure she will agree this is not good enough and “shout from the roof tops” to the Planning department, after all she is up for Election in May 2014. The Town Council should also place a very strong objection.

  2. Tim Wells

    Are you saying that our Independent councillor Clive Jepson is refusing to meet you on this? If that is so, it would raise big concerns.

  3. Tim Wells

    I have heard that UKIP have a candidate from Woodsetts standing at the next election for a ward councillor position. I would prefer an Independent who lives in Anston and would create more sustainable village and ensure that we have the services we all have to pay for.


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