New A57 Edges Close to Completion EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!

The next stage of the mammoth A57 improvements to link Todwick and the M1 with a new roundabout and dual carriageway move on apace with the partial opening of the new road! Motorists can now use the new route, albeit in single carriageway mode for now.

See our clip from our maiden voyage this morning, ignore the time/date on the video, my dashcam is a bit dicky!

Facebook Video

4 thoughts on “New A57 Edges Close to Completion EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!

  1. Tim Wells

    Hi. Your link to the video doesn’t work. I cycled back up the old road on the way back from Aston. I can imagine that there will now be accidents and a bottle neck between Todwick and Anston. Cheers Tim

  2. Tim Wells

    P.S. The proposed travellers site at Kiveton station, has immense importance according to the Canal trust, I have been talking to Robin Stonebridge about it. This site was used to build the canal and rough cut stone sent to the houses of Parliament. It is older than Ironbridge and Coalbrookdale in Shropshire.

  3. S Thornton

    Hi Tim,
    I am a little confused about Robin Stonebridge`s comments. He clearly stated at a recent Parish Council Meeting that the Chesterfield Canal Trust, of which he is Chief Exc, would not object to the Travellers site at Kiveton, but would suggest to the RMBC Planning Team that the site could be better used. A “suggestion” to the planning team will not work in favour of the people who live on Dog Kennel Hill. Some clarification required please.
    Another Interesting point, The Travellers Action group staged a protest outside the Town Hall and handed in over a thousand signatures of objection (well done all who signed) All Six RMBC Cllrs were invited to attend, (from Anston and Kiverton ), Of the 5 Labour Cllrs and the one Independent Cllr guess who turned up, yep, your right only our Anston Independent Cllr turned up to represent the people. At another “Site” meeting at the bottom of Dog Kennel Hill, yet again all six were invited, and yes your there before me, only the Independent showed his face and made his views known, well done Cllr Clive Jepson. I think Cllr Burton and Dalton have some explaining to do, there again they cannot be seen to be protesting outside the town hall and going against Labour Policy, otherwise they will lose their “Extra” Committee allowance. My advice to those on the Traveller Action Group is this KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, but watch out to make sure the Labour RMBC Cllrs are not saying one thing at Parish Council and then saying another thing at Town Hall Towers.
    Stuart Thornton

  4. Tim Anston

    Hi Stuart

    Is the RMBC depot at the bottom of Dog Kennel still being used? Personally I think it maybe better to move the station slightly into Anston, so that far better car parking can be provided for the station and access would be better for parking and not over the level crossing. There is a tunnel under the railway at the depot. When I spoke to Robin he gave me the impression that he was against the site being turned into a Travellers site, because there were better uses for it and it was older than Ironbridge in Shropshire. I hope Robin is more on our side than RMBC’s in this case.




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