Rotherham Council Announce Housebuilding Sites for Dinno! The Wait is Over! (Updated)

The consultation for the final lap is now here and we can reproduce RMBC’s plan for Dinno below:


Just a quick point to dispel a myth that keeps going around… None of these houses will be built by the Council, they are all private. RMBC would like us to think they can use existing laws to force the developer to build them 20% affordable or social, but the government is in the process of abolishing this rule. Greenbelt sites are prime locations and will almost certainly provide 4-5 bedroom “executive” homes.

First thoughts:

They appear to have dropped the idea of a massive urban extension near Lakeland Drive.

300 new houses for Throapham now, Another 500 later?

240 new houses for Lakeland Drive

What is happening to Dinnington Rec Ground?

Space for 200 or so houses reserved in Anston

New Gypsy camp for Kiveton? (See below)



RMBC downloads

Settlement Map for Dinno/Anston

Details for Dinno

Settlement Map for Kiveton

Details for Kivvo

5 thoughts on “Rotherham Council Announce Housebuilding Sites for Dinno! The Wait is Over! (Updated)

  1. Tim Anston

    This is a massive difference between the original expansion of Anston and Dinnington to 40K, then only 30K. I still think we can build housing on brownfield sites, rather than touching green belt. Any new housing has to be for starter homes and not executive type houses.

    1. lovedinnington Post author

      Yes mate, I agree that local people should get the houses, but they will all be private, or at least 9/10 will be so not sure how you could ever enforce that.

  2. Tim Anston

    I now know why all the houses are for sale on Dog Kennel hill lane. I feel that the land by the side of the canal, should have been developed into appropriate leisure facilities for the the canal or a car park for the rail way station and not a travellers camp. We all saw the results of that at North Anston,

    1. lovedinnington Post author

      Judy Dalton expressed some support for that view at Anston Parish, maybe there’s some mileage in it. Is there a tunnel from the site that connects to the canal or something like that?

  3. Tim Anston

    From my understanding it will be on an old council works depot and the old Kiveton wire works site. We have an issue that there isn’t enough car parking at Kiveton station, as the Station hotel car park is no longer available to use and the old Kiveton wire works depot would make a good site for car parking. But longer term the rail way line through Dinnington & Anston can be opened up with very little cost and provide hybrid tram trains into Sheffield, for commuters


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