Anston Parish Council Meeting on Monday

There is an Anston Parish Council meeting this Monday, usual place, usual time, agenda is as bare as a baby’s bum!

of business proposed to be transacted at a
1. To receive apologies for absence.
2. To disclose members’ interest in any item to be discussed.
3. To resolve to exclude the press and public due to the confidential nature of the
business to be transacted.
4. To approve honouring existing commitment for the use of the land.
5. To approve contract for, and purchase of, land.
6. To agree terms and approve submission of loan request to the Public Works Loan
7. To approve solicitors’ client agreement and cheque for search fees.
8. Date and time of next meeting, 20th May 2013, 7:30 p.m.”

Download your own copy here.

Obviously the main item of discussion will be the land they are secretly purchasing.

Does anyone know anything else about the purpose of the meeting?

6 thoughts on “Anston Parish Council Meeting on Monday

  1. Tim Wells

    I am told that members of the public can ask for a vote on any issue and the council members then have to vote on said issue…. I understand that there were a number of articles on Anston Parish council this weekend in the Guardian. …Perhaps you can help me with something, when I am out walking I can take out a plastic bag and fill it in no time with rubbish. I think we need a real awareness campaign, unless it interferes with peoples civil rights to just throw things where they like.

  2. S Thornton

    There are two meetings in the Parish Hall on Monday night. First at 6pm, is the Parish COUNCIL meeting, but I would advise members of the public not to turn up, this meeting will be voted stright into “secret Session” because of the land issue, and the Public will be excluded.
    The second meeting is a parish ELECTORS meeting, Starts at 7pm and is NOT a Council meeting. This meeting is a public meeting for the Electors of Anston, and has no connection with the Parish Council. Members of the Public can speak on any topic on the agenda, Charity Report, Parish Council report (why ??, its not a parish Meeting) discuss the interferance of “strangers” (those who live outside the parish) at our last Meeting, Core stratagey (green belt housing), lack of Parish Consultation on the major land purchase, and finally “whats good about Anston”. Members of the Public can make proposals on these issues and also vote on the same. Its your Meeting come and have your say. This year we have even wangled free tea/coffee and bickkies, bring a friend, the more the better. ALL of Anston are welcome to attend.

  3. Tim Wells

    Stuart. Are the issues we bring up going to be voted on by the Parish council or the members of the public who attend? I have a rumour from an extremely reliable source that the land being purchased is down Radford road and will be used for a grave yard, two people who I met while walking the dogs knew about it, but my source is much more reliable. If the land is being purchased for a burial ground, then I feel that it is an abuse of powers by the council. The members of the public gave their permission for land to be purchased to protect the green belt and if it comes out that it was for another reason, I think that it will become a legal matter with the relevant department in RMBC. Planning laws should protect land from being built on by the builders, without the purchase of it. Perhaps you can comment on why Anston Parish council allowed common land to be built on in a conservation area called Butchers Orchard, they actually sold that land to a developer? In this day and age I think we should be encouraging people to be cremated and not buried, none of my Grandparents are and I have to go back to great grandparents to find one interned. I seem to be having problems getting through to your email address and wonder if you could contact me on

  4. S Thornton

    Hi Tim,
    Some very interesting points and I will try and give some answers. At the ELECTORS meeting tonight, those who live in the Parish of Anston and are on the current Electoral Roll, can discuss anything on the agenda, can make proposals on the items on the agenda, and then are able to vote on the proposals. THIS IS NOT A PARISH COUNCIL MEETING. The Parish ELECTORS Meetings have no fromal powers to “make” the Parish Council carry out our wishes, but we can request them to do so, its a brave Parish Council who goes against the wishes of its people. You may talk, propose and vote tonight if you wish to do so.
    With regard to the land issue, Most of the population of Anston are aware of the location of the land being purchased by the Council. The Parish Council, by majority vote has decided to keep the location secret from the Public. By majority vote, in my opinion, this means Members of the Labour Party, who have a higher number of Elected members than the Independents. At a recent meeting of the Parish Council all the Labour party Members voted NOT to consult with the Public, (why not, its their money the Council are spending.) In relation to the location, I am not allowed to say where it is because in effect the Labour majority has “Gagged” anyone else on the Council from speaking about it. I also am unable to comfirm if a new Cemetery will be built on the said land, however you raise an excellent point about reasons for buying the land, the reason stated for the purchase of the land by the Parish Council is “to protect the Stones wood”. This has been said several times in public session, so then to possiably have discussed plans to site a Cemetery on it would be extremely misleading in the least. I personally have already accused the Chairman, Cllr Beck of misleading the Public on this issue.
    Butcher`s Orchard, I cannot comment on this, it was before my time. I was not aware that it was in the ownership of the Parish Council. Finally on the issue of Interment and cremation, we all have different views on this subject and I think quite rightly that it is up to individuals to decide what their prefered choice will be.
    Hope that answers your questions.

    1. Tim Wells

      Stuart. Butchers Orchard was sold onto a local builder by the Parish council, who had permission to build one house a year. The local builder then sold it onto a developer who built 100 or so houses on it just like that. The Parish council said there was nothing they could do, but what happened to the caveats. …….If the land down Radford rd was turned into burial ground, but we had been lead to believe that it was for protecting the green belt, I would feel that we had been lied to and that would have serious implications. Let us hope that is not the case, greenbelt is already protected by planning laws, so why spend say £300K purchasing. There has to be a moral issue that we can’t keep burying people in the ground, as that eats into the ground then left for future generations to enjoy, when our own time has passed. This means the land would be lost for ever and there comes a time when government has to pass legislation against it.


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