An Open Letter to Anston Parish Council from Tim Wells

Local resident Tim Wells has copied us into this open letter to Anston Parish Council. We are pleased to reproduce it here, Tim is not the first person to challenge the parish council on their reluctance to openly discuss this issue and we applaud his efforts.

Dear Dominic
I feel as though I am having the wool pulled over my eyes by the Parish council.  The reason for this letter being an open letter sent to the local guardian and to put on their web site.
At the meeting which was cancelled after the police were called, a lady asked you to vote for or against the core strategy in the question time.  At the re adjourned meeting I confirmed with you in the closing questions that a vote would happen at the next meeting and you confirmed to everybody in attendance, that would be the case.
However at the next meeting you walked around the vote without having it.  Even though a number of independents, voiced their opposition to building on the greenbelt.
I ask at the next Parish meeting in May, that you put on the Agenda an item to vote for or against the core strategy and the vote be recorded.
Dinnington have already voted completely against the core strategy and it is time that Anston Parish council stick their neck out and do so.  Before any further houses are built in Anston, there has to be consideration of schooling, congestion on roads, services and an area of land set aside for a civic centre for Anston.  RMBC need to plan more sustainable communities, not massive housing estates with no soul, we aren’t part of Rotherham.
Building on the greenbelt should be the very last option, if at all.  The houses we really require around here, are 1 and 2 bedroom houses, which would enable larger houses to be freed up for young families.  Rather than building across fields, it is important to utilise existing brown field sites, which are plentiful in Rotherham and Sheffield and where traditional industry no longer exists.  It is perhaps a time for people to move back into towns and city’s, the opposite to what happened in the 60’s and 70’s, after much industrial land became vacant.
As a country we need to become more sustainable and start to grow more of our own food, we have lost over 5 farms since I came to Anston in 1966.  Farming land is important for food and to allow people around here to feel as though they do live in the countryside, not urban sprawl.
I await you confirming that a vote will take place at the next Parish meeting?
Yours in anticipation

3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Anston Parish Council from Tim Wells

  1. Dinnington.Info

    There are also houses in the Dinnington and Anston Area that are left to vandals, as they have smashed windows as no one is in them! These are 3 bedroom houses which landlords have left. It would be cheaper to do them up then build new houses on land we don’t want them to build on! You may want to sent that Letter to Rotherham Council and Kevin Barron?? You can see a picture of what I mean by searching for ‘Dinnington.Info’ or ‘@Dino_Info_S25’.

    Cheers 🙂

  2. Laughton Common Resident

    its a good letter and deserves a reply for the anston parish, its something too look into for the laughton common area as I dont no if thurcroft parish or Dinnington have made it clear where they stand on the core for building in Laughton common, when we do speak to any of the councillors they only seem to say its got to be done as part of the government scheme and nothing can be done about it. We really cant have any more building on the common we dont have anymore land left.

  3. Tim Wells

    I had a reply from Dominic saying it would be misleading to say there would be a vote against the core strategy at the May meeting, even though I heard him say at the end of the re-arranged meeting in the question time, that would be the case. I totally agree with that we should be looking at existing housing stock, as we need more one bedroom and two bedroom houses, rather than building more executive houses across our green belt, for the townies who want to live here. I have an awful lot of sympathy with Laughton, as RMBC just blitzed their community and rather than rebuilding the white city, allowed more executive houses for people outside the area to be built. I am now seeing green belt eroded around Laughton. Where was the provisioning for shops and services? When are RMBC going to realise that communities have to be built in a sustainable way and the people who already live there need to be the ones most consulted.


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